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What is 98118? According the the 2010 US census 98118 is the most diverse zip code in the United States. This zip code in South Seattle, WA has over 59 languages among it’s 40,000 people. What’s amazing about this zip code is that people move there  because of it’s diversity.

There are two clear trends we see from 98118. The first is the draw of diversity and the second is the diversifying of America. Each Census reveals how America continues to grow in diversity.

Are you prepared to be a place that reflect the diversity of the kingdom of God that is present at our door step. Now is the time for change. Change that sacrifice our primary culture to welcome all cultures into our local places of worship. Change is not easy, but this change that shows the love of God to many cultures in one local body is vital to the advancement of the local church.

I praise the Orange Conference (whatisorange.com) for bringing this important issue to the attention of so many children’s and youth ministry leaders at their conference last week. Now that so many more people are aware of the changing face of America and what it means for the church, the question is, …what are we going to do with it?


About Jared Sorber

My heart is to help people come together to be who they are meant to be and do what they are meant to do.


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