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What a Kindergartener Can Teach Us

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Last week my wife was in helping out at my sons school and decided to eat lunch with my kindergartener. While at lunch my wife overheard the following conversation between my son and his friend, whom we will call James.

James said, “where is your dad?”

My son replied, “at work.”

James asked, “where does your dad work?”

My son replied, “at my church.”

James said, “people don’t work at churches.”

My son said, “yes they do. My dad is a pastor.”

James said, “He can’t be, all pastors have to have brown skin.”

James’ five to six years of church going experience has taught him that in order to be a Pastor you have to have brown skin. James has been to school where he has seen teacher with different skin colors. He has played on sports teams where he has seen coaches with different skin colors. He has been to stores where he has seen workers with different skin colors. James lives in a country where our presidents have had different skin colors. But at church he experienced that the leadership could only be one color. What better time than now for the church to step up and be an example our young ones can relate to.

Hearing this story encouraged me with the truth of how important multicultural ministry is for our children. Whether we are meaning to teach them or not, every experience is something that our children learn from.

What are children learning from your ministry? Are they learning that God’s kingdom is open to everyone and his love knows no boundaries? Are they learning that God the learning that God’s kingdom will be made up of people from all colors, races, tribes and languages?



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