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What Lin-sanity Can Teach Us

Jeremy Lin at the 2010 Golden State Warriors o...

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Jeremy Lin burst on to the sports scene a few weeks back and captured the sports world. What a great story to have a young man, not drafted and about be cut, become the focus of the sports world. It makes me wonder why did Jeremy Lin become an overnight sensation. Did he not have the talent or the skill prior to a few weeks ago, or was he not given the opportunity? Lin is a player who is always working to improve, so no doubt he is probably a better ball player than he was even a few months ago. But, I believe his opportunities were limited by racial assumptions. In an interview Lin was asked if he felt like he was not highly recruited by colleges or given a better chance by more NBA teams because he was Asian-American. Lin said, he believed his ethnicity probably had something to do with it. Lin’s college coach Tommy Amaker believes Lin’s ethnicity contributed to Lin being over looked. Wow, can you imagine that valuable of a player being overlooked, and Lin’s talent never being seen in the NBA.

So what can Jeremy Lin teach us about ministry? Probably a lot. Today he is causing me to ask a few important questions. Who do we overlook? Because of what preconceived notions might we pass someone by? As we survey the ministries we are involved in, their are clearly people we are not leaving out. But my challenge to you is compare your current audience to your surrounding community. What people group is missing. What special attention might you need to pay to that people group to make them feel at home in your ministry? Whatever it is, I promise it will be worth it. A few years down the road you will look back and say wow, can you imagine our ministry without…


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